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Episode #7 - Attract Your Ideal Weight: 4 Ways to Implement Smart Eating

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In this episode, you will learn 4 ways to implement smart eating also known as the POOP theory! Seriously, I'm not kidding. Yes, I made up the acronym and it stands for something better than what you are imagining.



Author Challenges New Year’s Resolution Success Rate By Changing The Way People Look At Food

Join Award Winning Author Zaheen Nanji on her Virtual Book Tour, starting Dec 15th, sponsored by The YP Publishing.

University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology reports ( that an astounding 14% of people over 50 achieve their new year’s resolution each year. "By creating healthy relationships with food and your body you can change this," says Zaheen Nanji, award winning author and life transformation speaker. "My goal is to help people build resilience when it comes to attracting their ideal body weight and reduce dependency on medications."

From December 15, 2014 through January 15, 2015, Nanji will be discussing fast-track transformation tips and techniques from her book, Attract Your Ideal Weight: 8 Secrets of People Who Lose Weight and Keep It Off. Dubbed a “Groundbreaking way to think about weight loss,” the step-by-step guide gives readers easy yet powerful ways to move forward, and live a vibrant and energetic life.

Zaheen Nanji is a professional speaker, certified success coach and master neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. She owns Shanti Wellness and Laser Centre in Alberta. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science & Nutrition and an after Degree Diploma, Environmental Health. She motivates and inspires people through her keynote speeches and breakout sessions.

Nanji found that many of her clients faced similar issues that she had in her own life.

Once 40 lbs. overweight herself, she is no stranger to the ups and downs of dieting, and the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle choices. “I overcame many obstacles myself, I was able to transform my life by overcoming a speech impediment and my constant struggle with my weight." shares Nanji. Not only that, she came to Canada at the age of 15, without her parents!

She says, “I’m giving readers what I needed and couldn’t find. I needed the real secrets to being thin, the keys to end my struggle with food and weight. 39% Percent of people in their twenties do not achieve their resolution each year. There is no reason why you should ditch your goals. The more I explored the differences between overweight people and thin people, the more amazed I was by the workings of the mind-body connection. It is possible to end the struggle with weight loss and attract your ideal weight once and for all.”

Her book Attract Your Ideal Weight: 8 Secrets of People Who Lose Weight and Keep it Off, is based on scientific research and the real life experiences of people who have lost weight and maintained their ideal weight. Throughout the book Nanji shares inspiring success stories, self-assessment questions and even fun food experiments. Attract Your Ideal Weight is a 2014 Global E-book Awards bronze winner in the Diet and Nutrition category, and silver winner for Best E-book Trailer. The book is Biz Chicks Top 10 in the Alberta 2014 Issue of Women Business Owners Today

Nanji says, "my research found that most books on weight loss or diets focus on what to eat and how to exercise, but less than a handful focus on behaviour change, the struggles, the thought patterns, self-sabotage or limiting beliefs about yourself and your body image."

On the tour, she will be discussing nutrition, holistic health, how weight loss is different for men versus women, five keys on how to attract your ideal weight and more.

Go to website to follow Zaheen Nanji's full tour schedule or visit her website

There will be a contest on The Attract Your Ideal Weight website with free giveaways of the book and other prizes.

Some of Nanji Zaheen's featured stops are the following:


Live Radio Interviews
Blog Talk Radio Rea-wilke

See you there!


First week on Virtual Book tour - reviews, interviews and articles

This is my first virtual book tour, sponsored by YP Publishing, and so far I’m impressed with the feedback, connections and of course the contest we are holding. Here is summary of my first week:

1. Book review at Life as Leels. Leila is the owner of this site and her passion is to share her life as a parent in written form. She covers subjects from pregnancy to parent time-out to mental health. Check out her review of my book and her website:

2. Article posted on Chic Galleria. A premier site for women who are interested in lifestyle advice, stories and opinions. It was nominated for FORBES Top 100 Websites for Women 2013. Check out the website and read my article on ‘Three Ways to Balance Time and Find Pleasure Instead if Guilt’ here:

3. So my book went to Asia and I was interviewed by Darlyn and Books! The interview can be found here:

4. Article posted on Pick The Brain. A website dedicated to self-improvement with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, and self-education. Check out the website and read my article on ‘5 ways to start attracting your ideal weight’ here:

5. Book Review at Bound 4 Escape. Dawn is the founder of this site and she loves books and shares them on her blog. She provided her honest review on my book here:

6. Radio interview with Wellness Blueprint Radio and hosts Coach Elliott and Dr. Maiysha. This was such a fun interview and the time passed so quickly! Listen in on this site:

7. Radio interview with Enlighten me Radio and host Maria Rippo . Again this was such a fun interview and follow Mario Rippo on twitter because she has great advice too! Listen online here:

Join me on my Live show on Google Hangouts on Air January 4th where you will get great advice on starting your year right with a clinical nutritionist, a personal trainer and myself! Join here:




Week Two on Virtual Book Tour

Ayiw3This is my first virtual book tour, sponsored by YP Publishing and so far I’m impressed with the feedback, connections and of course the contest we are holding. Here is summary of articles, interviews and reviews from the second week:

1.       I’m so grateful for the all the reviews I’m getting and I want to thank you all the reviewers for taking their time. Here is one of them:

·         Danielle VanHuizen is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Dietitian in the state of Washington. She holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University and owns her own practice in Seattle through Food Sense Nutrition Counselling.

2.       This week I had quite a few journals and online magazines publish my articles. They are short and easy to read:

·         4 Ways to Implement Smart Eating was published in the ‘Your Health Journal’ by Len Saunders:

·         Weight Loss is Different for Women was published in ‘Living Smart Girl’ -  place for women to learn about living smart, being fit & healthy – created by Sheila:

·         3 Steps to Overcome Emotional Eating was published by Chic Galleria - A premier site for women who are interested in lifestyle advice, stories and opinions. It was nominated for FORBES Top 100 Websites for Women 2013:

3.       I also had a few interviews and one of them was a Hangout on Air that airs live:

·         Examiner interviewed me about my book and writing process:

·         Broowaha interview is here:

·         The hangout show with Penny Peddie was a lot of fun and this was live show on Google Hangouts on Air:

Remember there is still time to enter the virtual book tour contest and the Amazon Kindle edition is only $0.99 or you can get the print edition with the Daily Intention Journal for $10 from my website as well as free MP3 audio tracks!

Part 1: The Resilient Health - Labels and Behaviours

Categories // Wellness Videos

Streamed live on 10 Feb 2015

Zaheen Nanji is a resilience champion. She helps her clients and audiences build their resilience muscle so they can easily embrace change and bounce back.
This is part 1 of a 4-part series based on the secrets mentioned in Zaheen's award-winning book which can be used in any area of your life. Join your host Zaheen and panel experts: +Jackie Maclean +Bonita Lehmann and +Loretta Friedrich as they discuss how our labels guide our behaviour and how our limiting behaviours can  actually have a positive spin!


Part 1: The Resilient Health - Labels and Behaviours


GPS for the Soul

GPS for the Soul measures your heart rate and heart rate variability, which taken together, indicate your level of balance and harmony. If you happen to be imbalanced or feeling a lack of harmony, GPS for the Soul can connect you with the things that help you return to that centered place, using music, poetry, breathing exercises and pictures of your loved ones.
Huffington Post 03

How It Works

Once you have used your iPhone’s camera lens to measure your stress level, GPS for the Soul will display your data along a color spectrum. Each color, from dark red (you may be stressed) to blue (you are in sync), corresponds to a different emotional state. The app then invites you to launch a guide.
Gps For The Soul 01


Episode #10: Attract Your Ideal Weight - Can Hypnosis Erase Food Addictions?

Categories // Wellness Videos

Streamed live on 22 Feb 2015

Jackie Maclean is well-known hypnotherapist in Vancouver, B.C and has helped many overcome food addicitons and in the process release weight. Join +Jackie Maclean and I as we discuss:
The reason behind food addictions;
What steps can people, who suffer from food addictions, take to start making changes?
What does Hypnosis have to with food addictions?

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