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Do I Have To Sacrifice Eating Out When Dieting?

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When clients come to us seeking for some help in shedding some pounds, we are going to alter their diet – that’s a given. However, eating more healthy doesn’t mean you can’t eat out anymore! One aspect of enjoying your food comes from being social and if you give up being social and being with your friends then dieting is no fun. All you have to do is be prepared and plan in advance. How?

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·         Pick a restaurant that will have the foods you can eat.

·         Tell the server you are sensitive to gluten and dairy and you will be able to substitute or they may even suggest gluten-free items.

·         I love Walden Farm zero-calorie salad dressings and we carry them at Shanti Wellness Centre! Always a have a couple of packets in your purse or car.

·         Have a sweet herbal tea for dessert or have an Ideal Protein bar, wafer or brownie with you so you can have a couple of bites after your meal while everyone else is loading on sugar!

·         Smile because you are now in charge of your health and having fun eating out!

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