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Body Composition Analysis (BCA) and Weight Loss

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We are so used to stepping on the scale to see how much weight we have lost and when we drop the pounds we are ecstatic! However, our body weight is primarily made up of body fat, lean mass (muscle) and hydration levels – so how does one know whether we have lost all three or just lean mass or just fat? In any weight loss program we want to primarily lose fat, not lean mass. At Shanti Wellness Centre, we use the Body Composition Analysis (BCA) at our weekly consultations with our clients because it reveals where the pounds come from and where they are being lost. For example, last week one of our clients stepped on the weighing scale and noticed that she lost 4.5 lbs, which was great! However, as we looked at her food journal we noticed she wasn’t having enough calories from protein. We advised her to eat  more and thought nothing of it until we completed the BCA scan on her. Here is what we found:

She lost 4.5lbs total body weight of which none were fat! All 4.5 pounds were lean mass - Wow! If we did not have the BCA, we would not have known this because the weighing scale doesn’t tell us whether we lose fat or lean mass. In our weight loss program, we want to maintain lean mass and lose the fat. How did the BCA scan help our client? She realized that what the scale says is not necessarily the truth and eating as per the menu plan will enable her to lose fat.

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