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Zucchini Super Brownies

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Indulge in this healthy treat!


EP 004: Shanti Wellness Show - Past Lives With Dr Alishia Alibhai

Categories // Wellness Videos

 March 24, 2016, 7:00-7:30pm MST

Ever wonder who you were in a past life? Have you considered the possibility that your past lives may be impacting your present life? Discover how to investigate your past lives and learn about all of the parts of your current life that are linked to your previous lifetimes. Join us to learn how past life exploration can be used to help heal problems/issues in your present life. Dr. Alishia will also explore my (Zaheen's) past life and you will see first hand what it's all about. Exciting isn't it!


EP 003: Shanti Wellness Show - Essential Oils 101 with Dr. Alishia Alibhai

Categories // Wellness Videos

 February 25, 7:00-7:30pm

Essential oils have been used for centuries for emotional and physical well being. However, there are many various kinds of essential oils and it can be confusing for many of us.

Dr. Alishia Alibhai will walk us through the following in 20 minutes:

  1. What are essential oils and where do they come from?
  2. How do they help with wellness?
  3. What are the most common oils one can start with?

Join us as we explore essential oils.


EP 002: Shanti Wellness Show – Ayurveda Dietary Theory

Categories // Wellness Videos


Ayurveda originated in India and this lifestyle has been practiced for centuries. In this episode, you will learn: The 3 Ayurvedic body types. The characteristics of each body type. The organs to nourish, and foods to reduce and increase. I will also give you a link where you can take your body type quiz!


Join Zaheen every second and fourth Tuesday of each month on everything wellness!


EP 001: Shanti Wellness Show – 5 Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Food

Categories // Wellness Videos


This is the time of the year where most of us start improving our diet and lifestyle. Losing a few pounds and inches, or just becoming more fit is in the forefront of your mind. In this episode, you will be blown away by simple tips that you can start incorporating into your daily routine. These tips have nothing to do with nutrition or exercise! In fact, these tips have everything to do with paying attention to your habits and mindset. Without this as a foundation, you will go back to your old default patterns, but when you incorporate these 5 simple tips, you will find yourself more in control of your weight and health!


Join Zaheen every second and fourth Tuesday of each month on everything wellness!


Special Holiday Menu from Ideal Protein and Chef Verati

Categories // Wellness Tips

It is that time of the year again, when temptation is everywhere. The holidays can be a trying time for our clients.

Thankfully, Chef Verati is here to guide you through the festivities! With an easy to prepare Holiday menu to help dieters throughout the holidays, and most importantly help them enjoy!

Click here to view Chef Verati’s new easy-to-prepare Holiday menu that features Ideal Protein’s new Italian Dressing and the following recipes:

Dill Pickle Soup
Warm Salad with Baby Meatballs
Ham & Shrimp Rolls over Cauliflower Rice
Crunchy Rhubarb Crisp

CLICK HERE to view and print the full Holiday Menu.

Bon appétit and we send you our best wishes for the holidays!


Will I feel Deprived on the Ideal Protein Diet?

Categories // Wellness Tips

Ideal Weight FoodAs an authorized centre featuring Ideal Protein weight loss method, many potential clients are worried about deprivation because it is  a low carb program. On the contrary, we have had clients join the program and comment on how they do not feel deprived and we believe it is for the following reasons:

·         Ideal protein’s goal is for the client to have a pleasurable and effective experience, and they do that by providing foods that give pleasure like the bars that contain, peanut butter, milk chocolate, lemon poppy, chocolate mint and caramel nut that satisfies the sweet tooth. They also provide chips to satisfy those with a ‘salty tooth’!

·         There are amazing recipes on the internet where clients on this program, from all over the world, have created unique waffles, breads, cookies and more from Ideal Protein foods.

·         Once the blood sugar stabilizes in your body, cravings disappear.

·         During social events, proactive clients make phenomenal recipes out of Ideal Protein foods or vegetables and feed it to their friends – sense of deprivation doesn’t even exist.

No diet is easy and a person is only ready when they are fully committed and are willing to make a lifestyle change rather than looking it at it as a quick fix. This method also teaches you how to eat better during the maintenance phase and we have made this a mandatory part of the program at Shanti Wellness Centre.

For more information visit


What is Laser Hair Removal?

Categories // Wellness Tips

04 Hair RemovalPeople who are tired of shaving, tweezing, and waxing to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal has become the preferred option—and a beautiful solution. Hair removal continues to be the #1 requested energy-based aesthetic treatment. While hair removal is most popular among women,  laser hair removal for men is an ever-increasing group, as men seek treatment for areas such as their chests and backs! Darren, one of our male clients, had a lot of hair growth (more than the average man) on his shoulders and back. He was tired of it, especially when going on warm holidays or swimming.

He saw one of our technicians and he couldn’t believe the results just after 2 treatments. He also couldn’t believe the great price point he was getting from us compared to going to Edmonton. After 5 treatments, he is so happy and feels confident about himself. We will be posting a video on his treatment soon!

We carry Cynosure Laser system and it is the leading company in laser technologies. View before and after pictures on laser hair removal here:


Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Categories // Wellness Tips

Salt lamps release negatively charged ions. These negative ions neutralize positively charged ions given out by computers, televisions, power grids etc. Negatively charged ions create an environment that is similar to being near the sea or a waterfall and are what give the air in these areas that fresh feeling. The salt lamps should be lit at all times as they give off more negative ions that way.

By using Salt Crystal lamps, we can easily improve our environment, not only thorough the ionizing effects of the lamp but through the beautiful light they cast in a room! It is highly recommended to use them near a TV or computer, in a designated smoking room and an air-conditioned room.

Lamp Full Image6

Where do Salt Lamps come from?

Salt crystal lamps are made from salt crystal rocks. This salt crystal comes from the ancient seas and is now available in the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. Salt crystals of this quality are rare.

Lamp Full Image5
How are Salt Lamps made?

Explosives and standard mining methods cannot be used when mining salt crystal rock; they must be hand crafted to retain their original structure. This means that every salt lamp is different in size, shape, colour and intensity. Each salt lamp is unique.

Lamp Full Image2
Where should I put my salt lamp?

  • Near a television or computer
  • Child's bedroom - it also acts as a great nightlight!
  • At the office
  • Designated smoking room
  • Massage room
  • Meditation room
  • Waiting room
  • Exercise studio such as yoga or Pilates studios

This blog is courtesy of our salt lamp supplier: Nature's Pur Element


Over 20 functions the T-Zone Vibration machine

Categories // Wellness Tips

Check out this list of over 20 (and counting!) functions the T-Zone Vibration machine can perform for you. 
Top 20

Every single one of these functions are worth owning a machine just on their own, but in combination - there is absolutely nobody in the world who wouldn't benefit from whole body vibration.

Do you want to lose weight? T-Zone Vibration is a cardio machine.

T-Zone Vibration has the only vibration machine that has aerobic capabilities. Use your magic mat, included with all new machines, and perform stutter steps, high knees, or any number of aerobic exercises shown on our youtube site to get your heart rate up.

  Do you want to work out to get stronger? T-Zone vibration is a strength training machine.

The classic use of vibration is for Low Impact strength training. Keep your speed low and follow along the routines programmed into your aerobic or golf machines, our Vibration exercise DVD, or any other set of exercises designed to work your core, upper and lower body.

Vibrationmachine3tzone2Are you low on time? T-Zone Vibration is a time-saving machine.

With a T-Zone Vibration machine, 10 minutes = 1 hour. How? Because with T-Zone you are working your whole body out at once, instead of one muscle group at a time. A workout on a whole body vibration takes less time with more dramatic results than conventional exercise.

Do you spend a lot of time sitting? T-Zone Vibration is an antidote to sitting disease.

Did you know sitting has been found to be on par with smoking as a cause of disease? Thankfully T-Zone vibration is all you need to get relief. Sitting is like a lower-gravity environment while vibration ramps up the g-force by a factor of 3, 4, or 5 times - so T-Zone vibration not offers only the movement needed to counteract too much sitting, it offers an increased g-force (or gravity) - which is exactly what is missing when in a chair or bed for hours at a time. 

Do you play sports? T-Zone vibration is a warm up and cool down machine.

Warm up is essential for high level performance as well as injury prevention. Some people use their vibration machine exclusively as a warm up machine before golfing, running, or other sport performance. Use a higher speed and move through the range of motion you are warming up for. Cooling down after exercise can be just as beneficial. Again, a high speed is best - work through a counter motion for the muscles you have been using.

  Do you want to try interval training? T-Zone Vibration is an interval training machine.

T-Zone Vibration's newest models actually come with interval training programming built right in - just press a button and you're ready to go.

VT20 NewApril2012Do you want to get faster? T-Zone vibration is a muscle speed machine.

Due to increased flexibility as well as the muscle growth from your body's reactions to the destabilizing motion of the machine, your muscles will grow and perform faster than they would without vibration. 

Have you had an injury? T-Zone is a therapy machine.

Because of it's low impact and gentle but effective nature, a huge segment of vibration users come to vibration after an injury. They use it to work the strength back up and deal with discomfort.  Vibration can also be used in partnership with your health practitioner by working through a set of prescribed exercises at home. Of course, check with your health practitioner first to ensure you are ready for vibration training.

Do you go to a Chiropractor? T-Zone Vibration is a chiropractic machine.

Chiropractors love whole body vibration for restoring physical function, and allowing their patients to treat themselves at home between visits.  

Do you love massage and to feel good? T-Zone Vibration is a massage machine.

Just lying on your machine at high speeds feels great and can get things moving in the body, giving you that all-over good feeling.

Do you have a bad back, hip, knee, or other joint issues? T-Zone vibration works to restore joint function.

Many people have found vibration to be the only thing to help them with back, hip, shoulder, knee, even wrist discomfort! After trying everything else, vibration has even helped people walk who were previously confined to a a walker or wheelchair.  Talk to your health practitioner and local vibration expert about how to get moving again.


Do you use or think you might need to use a walker, or generally have an issue with stability? T-Zone vibration is a stability machine.

Vibration helps to 'retrain' the body and regain some lost stability for those with ongoing stability issues. It also helps add stability for those who want to improve sport performance or just feel great. Low speeds are best here while performing some mobility stretches such as the broomstick or angry cat.

Do you want to work on those trouble spots? T-Zone vibration decreases cellulite visibility.

Just using your vibration machine regularly has been proven to decrease cellulite visibility! In 6 weeks you are likely to enjoy a smoother, slimmer appearance.

Do you want to look younger? T-Zone Vibration is a facial machine.

Stand on your machine at a high speed, and using your palms and fingers gently 'brush' the skin on your face and neck, always going in the direction of your heart. In 3 minutes you'll notice a brighter more youthful appearance!

Are you worried about toxin buildup in the body? T-Zone vibration is a toxin removal machine.

Using your vibration machine at a low or high speed will help your body work through and eliminate harmful toxins from the body. Natural health practitioners love it for it's drug-free, natural way of helping the body improve function.


Do you want better coordination for sports or for improved daily function? T-Zone vibration is a coordination machine.

The see-saw motion of the oscillating vibration machine helps your body improve coordination. By adding strength exercises you will further enhance the effect.

Do you want to increase your flexibility for injury recuperation, sports, or daily comfort? T-Zone Vibration is a flexibility machine.

This is one of the benefits of vibration that can be demonstrated the fastest. Try rotating your body at the hip and see how far you can turn. Now try after being on a vibration machine for just a few minutes - you will see a huge increase in your range of motion, usually in under 3 minutes. Range of motion is a major factor in managing mobility issues as well as improving sports performance.

Do you want to improve your golf or other sport game? T-Zone is an explosive power machine.

Explosive power is one of the most studied effects of vibration training. Studies show that when doing the same exercises on the ground as on a vibration machine, the vibration machine group will show much higher gains in explosive power as well as other strength criteria. 

Do you want to feel more energized? T-Zone Vibration is an energy machine.

For those who just want to feel better and get through their day with ease, vibration is the best tool for increasing your energy and vigour. Just using vibration regularly will help you see a difference.

Do you want to look better overall? T-Zone Vibration is a tighten and tone machine.

Want to look a little better, in and out of your jeans? Vibration works faster than conventional exercise at getting to your fitness goals.

Do you want the best athletic performance? T-Zone Vibration is a Dynamic vs. Static stretching machine.

If you want to get the best sports performance, you probably already know that static stretching has been shown to actually decrease strength. Vibration offers dynamic stretching, which is warm muscle stretching, widely considered to be the best type of stretching.


Eminence Organic Skin Care – All The Way From Hungary

Categories // Wellness Videos

Eminence Organic Skin Care – All The Way From Hungary!

Éminence Organic Skin Care provides the most effective, organic skin care products in the industry. Their products are handmade (no mass production here) without any severe heating or hydrogenating processes that can affect the nutritional content and potency of natural ingredients.  Clients immediately see and feel the difference evolving from the extremely high fruit content, and therefore, the high level of active ingredients.  Vitamins are captured in their all-natural fresh base, offering dramatic results as actual seeds, pulps and peels impart regenerative and healing powers that only nature can produce.

See how Eminence is made!


Optimum Health: It’s Not What You Think Or Do; It’s Who You Become

Categories // Wellness Tips

Dr. Bruce Hoffman is one of my co-authors in the book, Unlock the Power of You – 12 Keys to Health, Happiness and Success. In his chapter he explains there is a difference when he sees patients who just want to manage their symptoms versus patients who want to completely eliminate symptoms, achieve a positive state of well-being and reveal a desire to be whole. However, this usually happens when there is a conflict around the midpoint of their lives. Dr. Hoffman goes on to explain that symptoms arise as a result of a discrepancy between what our ego wants (first-half of life endeavours) and what our deepest unconscious self-desires (aspirations of second-half of life).

Our deepest self-desires are usually clouded by life’s demands and our vague value system, but a time comes when our soul is seeking to be heard and it is at this point symptoms often start appearing. These symptoms serve as feedback from our core self, drawing attention to what we are neglecting most within us. The author suggests that actively listening to our bodies or listening to the whisperings from our unconscious are symbolic ways of seeing issues that we cannot see or understand with our ego minds.

I can relate to what Dr. Hoffman is explaining. I have seen many clients who have digestion issues and these are exacerbated when they are under immense stress. I have also noticed, my shoulders and neck start hurting when the week starts out slow at our wellness centre. Early this year I suffered an eye infection- my second one - and our spiritual detox coach, Amanda Dietrich, stated that I was refusing to see something. She was right! In March, I broke down and cried (which I hardly do – it takes a lot for me to cry) because I was mentally and physically exhausted. I also felt like I wasn’t giving attention to my speaking career, which brings me happiness, and I was being pulled in different directions. I wasn’t listening to my body and my needs. I believe my symptoms were trying to tell me to slow down and see within. It was then I made some decisions to eliminate, delegate and change some of things I was doing so I could have more me time and give time to that which brings me happiness.

Since then, my energy has returned full swing, our wellness centre is picking up in areas that started out slow this year and I feel great about the decisions I made rather than feeling guilty! It’s amazing that once we decide to make changes, our mind starts to feel better and our bodies heal so much more quickly.

Dr. Hoffman lives in Calgary and to learn more about his work visit

Please share your experiences on the above by visiting my website or commenting on my Facebook page:


Do I Have To Sacrifice Eating Out When Dieting?

Categories // Wellness Tips

When clients come to us seeking for some help in shedding some pounds, we are going to alter their diet – that’s a given. However, eating more healthy doesn’t mean you can’t eat out anymore! One aspect of enjoying your food comes from being social and if you give up being social and being with your friends then dieting is no fun. All you have to do is be prepared and plan in advance. How?

Salad HomeImg

·         Pick a restaurant that will have the foods you can eat.

·         Tell the server you are sensitive to gluten and dairy and you will be able to substitute or they may even suggest gluten-free items.

·         I love Walden Farm zero-calorie salad dressings and we carry them at Shanti Wellness Centre! Always a have a couple of packets in your purse or car.

·         Have a sweet herbal tea for dessert or have an Ideal Protein bar, wafer or brownie with you so you can have a couple of bites after your meal while everyone else is loading on sugar!

·         Smile because you are now in charge of your health and having fun eating out!


Benefits of Oregano Oil and How It Helped our Daughter

Categories // Wellness Tips

Benefits Of Oregano Oil 

Oregano has a very ancient medical reputation. The Egyptians and Babylonians used oregano as far back as 3000 BC. The Greek physicians Hippocrates and Dioscorides both prescribed the use of oregano for a myriad of conditions. Hippocrates used it for respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders, wounds and insect bites. Dioscorides recommended oregano for cough and lung congestion, earache, inflamed tonsils, skin conditions and sprains. Throughout the middle ages, the medicinal properties of oregano and its essential oil spread quickly. Every living plant contains phytochemicals, or plant-based chemicals and they all have different effects in our body. One of the compounds found in Oregano is Carvacrol, and it is responsible for fighting infections.

Our daughter, Arissa, has been fighting cold and cough infections since February this year and one of her infections lasted 4 weeks. As soon as she felt better another infection would start! We were at our wits end. One of our distributors who supplies us with homeopathic products recommended oregano oil from a company called, Joy of the Mountains. Just a few weeks ago, Arissa was suffering from another cold and cough when we decided to add 1 to 3 drops of oregano oil to a glass of juice and got her to drink it at least twice a day. In 3 days her cough disappeared! WOW! Usually it would last 2 weeks!

We were convinced and we now have it available at Shanti Wellness Centre!
Remember, it has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties so it can be used for a variety of symptoms. With each purchase of oregano oil, you will also receive Tracy Gibbs, Ph.D. book:
Your Guide to Oil of Oregano – Better Health for People & Pets.


Body Composition Analysis (BCA) and Weight Loss

Categories // Wellness Tips

We are so used to stepping on the scale to see how much weight we have lost and when we drop the pounds we are ecstatic! However, our body weight is primarily made up of body fat, lean mass (muscle) and hydration levels – so how does one know whether we have lost all three or just lean mass or just fat? In any weight loss program we want to primarily lose fat, not lean mass. At Shanti Wellness Centre, we use the Body Composition Analysis (BCA) at our weekly consultations with our clients because it reveals where the pounds come from and where they are being lost. For example, last week one of our clients stepped on the weighing scale and noticed that she lost 4.5 lbs, which was great! However, as we looked at her food journal we noticed she wasn’t having enough calories from protein. We advised her to eat  more and thought nothing of it until we completed the BCA scan on her. Here is what we found:

She lost 4.5lbs total body weight of which none were fat! All 4.5 pounds were lean mass - Wow! If we did not have the BCA, we would not have known this because the weighing scale doesn’t tell us whether we lose fat or lean mass. In our weight loss program, we want to maintain lean mass and lose the fat. How did the BCA scan help our client? She realized that what the scale says is not necessarily the truth and eating as per the menu plan will enable her to lose fat.

For more information on our weight loss program, featuring Ideal Protein Method, visit


Start Your Summer Right

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PP CZ01046500 Canadians will be diagnosed with Skin Cancer this year and 1050 will die from this form of Cancer - reported by Global News May 28, 2014

This is preventable by applying sunscreen! Our Celazome clinical skin care line, which is used by the Australian Olympic team,  has one that:

  • Covers the full spectrum
  • Provides 8 hour protection with nanotechnology; and
  • Oil-free, rub and sweat proof

Tell us you read this blog and receive 15% off


More Statistics from the Canadian Cancer Society:

Incidence and mortality

Incidence is the total number of new cases of cancer. Mortality is the number of deaths due to cancer.

It is estimated that in 2014:

6,500 Canadians will be diagnosed with melanoma.
1,050 Canadians will die from melanoma.
3,500 men will be diagnosed with melanoma and 660 will die from it.
3,000 women will be diagnosed with melanoma and 400 will die from it.

Chances (probability) of developing or dying from melanoma

Based on 2009 estimates:

About 1 in 59 Canadian men is expected to develop melanoma during his lifetime and 1 in 240 will die from it.
About 1 in 73 Canadian women is expected to develop melanoma during her lifetime and 1 in 395 will die from it.

Read more:


Congratulations Shanti Wellness Centre. You've planted 147 Trees!

Congratulations to us!  We received this email from Eminence Organics!

Emience Organics


Eminence Organics 2Congratulations! By purchasing products from Éminence Organic Skin Care we have now planted 147 trees on your behalf, through our Forests for the Future initiative.

Thank you for selecting Éminence as your skin care line and for joining us in our efforts to help save the planet. By choosing Éminence, your clients are also helping save the planet, one product and one tree at a time. 

We look forward to continuing to work together towards a more sustainable future. 
Naturally Yours,

Éminence Organics
Éminence Organic Skin Care
Toll free: 1-888-747-6342





Is There a Preta (Hungry Ghost) Within?

Categories // Wellness Tips

540 293 Resize 20130801 374816373b86665c561518bce522f265 JpgWhile I was at a conference on marketing for authors, I learned about an Eastern Mythology figure called 'Preta' aka 'Hungry Ghost'. Now this had nothing to do with marketing, but an author who writes horror was talking about his book cover and I got intrigued about hungry ghosts.

Preta's are found in Indian and Buddhist scriptures and are ghosts that suffer in the afterlife  because they are always hungry and thirsty. They have an insatiable appetite and eat everything because they are never satisfied.

This got me thinking because it sounded very similar to what my clients would say to me:

"I'm always hungry"
"I just ate and I'm full but if I'm offered anything else, I can still eat"
"I'm not satisfied"
"I don't know when I'm hungry"

Now I'm not trying to scare you - I'm not saying you are Preta or have a Preta within you. I'm comparing the subtle meaning behind our struggles with weight with this mythological figure. You will agree that most times we have a poor relationship with food and we self sabotage our efforts because of we are not satisfied within ourselves. Most of it comes down to self-love and self-worth and I know you have heard this from many gurus and you may think, "What a bunch of crap, I love myself!" 

My question to you is:
"If you love yourself and respect your self-worth, then what's holding you back?"

Don't let your inner fears make you behave like a Preta. Unlike a Preta, you have a heart, you have soul. Nourish it with love and respect and learn how to satisfy that part of you by embracing yourself instead of battling with yourself. 

Zaheen Nanji, is a Resilience Champion and owner of Shanti Wellness Centre. Her book, Attract Your Ideal Weight, won a bronze medal from Global E-book Awards.


Get Your Pasta Fix - Easy Ideal Protein Lunch Idea

Categories // Wellness Tips

Pasta Fix

Use Ideal Protein’s rotini as an add on to a salad to get your protein intake if you are tired of soups and drinks. Boil your pasta in the morning or the night before and take it in your lunch bag to add onto your salad.  Then top it off with a Walden Farms calorie free, gluten free dressing!


Attract Your Ideal Weight takes Bronze and Silver at Global E-Book Awards

New Release - 18/09/2014



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90% of People Who Lose Weight Put it Back On. New Book Could Defy Statistic and Changes Lives.

Zaheen Nanji's New Book Will Change the Way People Look at Food

Alberta, Canada. Speaker and author Zaheen Nanji is a resilience champion and owner of the Shanti Wellness Centre in Alberta, Canada. She teaches people how to flex their attitude, embrace change and bounce back.

After writing a chapter called “Attracting Your Ideal Weight” in a self-improvement anthology entitled Unlock the Power of YOU: 12 Keys to Health, Happiness & Success in 2012, Nanji was inspired to write her first book. Her goal is to help people build resilience when it comes to attracting their ideal body weight, reduce dependency on medications, and live a vibrant and energetic life.

Recently released in print, Attract Your Ideal Weight: 8 Secrets of People Who Lose Weight and Keep it Off, provides the keys to end struggles with food and weight instead of “yo-yo” dieting. “Through creating healthy relationships with food and your body, and learning how to stay motivated, it is possible to end the struggle with weight loss and attract your ideal weight once and for all,” says Nanji.

The book is based on scientific research, and the real life experiences of people who have lost weight and maintained their ideal weight. Throughout the book Nanji shares inspiring success stories, self-assessment questions and even fun food experiments.

Once 40lbs overweight herself, Nanji is no stranger to the ups and downs of dieting, and the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle choices. “The mind chatter was the worst, I was always berating myself for the food choices I made, which only served to make me even more unhappy,” shares Nanji.

Attract Your Ideal Weight is a 2014 Global E-book Awards bronze winner in the Diet and Nutrition category, and silver winner for Best E-book Trailer. The book also made the Biz Chicks Top 10 in the Alberta Women Business Owner Magazine – Summer 2014 Issue.

Attract Your Ideal Weight: 8 Secrets of People Who Lose Weight and Keep it Off is available as an e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBooks. The print book which has daily intention journal entries, is available at Shanti Wellness Centre, Amazon and online at

E-book Trailer:



Top 10 in Women Business Owners Today Ezine

I was surprised to receive an email in August that my book on behaviour weight loss, Attract Your Ideal Weight, made the Biz Chicks Top 10 in the Alberta Issue of Women Business Owners Ezine. What an honor! If you are woman who owns her own business, I highly recommend this network and ezine. I had not heard about it until August. Thank you to Trish Dey Twomey of Alexander Twomey ( for nominating me and my book!

ZaheenNanji Women Today Sept 2014


Stollery Children's Hospital Magazine

We are so glad that we could be part of this great fundraiser through the Annual Girls Day Event!

HEROS Magazine Story


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